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Effective drinking water services

Trust Altoona Soft Water to take full responsibility of your family's health and well-being. We'll ensure that your family gets a reliable supply of drinking water.


Our professional toxin removal services include reverse osmosis, water conditioning, and softening, which will help you get rid of nitrates and iron. Get FREE estimates on our drinking system services today. Call us at 814-943-2768.

  • Odor removal

  • Arsenic treatment

  • Radon treatment

  • Lead treatment

  • Bacteria treatment

  • Manganese removal

  • Chlorine removal

Extensive range of drinking water services

Call our skilled professionals today for safe drinking water services like alkalinity adjustments and water analysis.


We offer installation and repair, water treatment equipment, and whole house filtration services.

Reliable water toxin removal services

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safe drinking

water services.


Our water services are available in Altoona and the surrounding areas.

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